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Wireless credit card terminals, Android, iPhone, Blackberry


Merchant Credit Card Wireless Terminal Options

Anytime you take a credit card, the card number must be submitted to the processing center for authorization. Wireless terminals can do this, and more.


Wireless card reading POS terminals do not need a phone line to operate. In fact, with the Nurit 8000S, a landline modem is an optional accessory. There are two wireless devices shown below. Both devices below will conduct wireless credit card transactions. One might work better for you than the other. There are other models available, but these two will work for the majority of businesses out there. The Comstar CHARGE Anywhere® RIM 950 device has been out on the market for a few years now, but has been updated. In addition to being able to swipe a credit card, the CHARGE Anywhere® device also lets you send text messages. The Nurit 8000S can be utilized on Wifi networks for added connectivity. In some cases you will have to sign up for a wireless plan if other options such as Wifi, are not available to you using the Nurit 8000s.



Nurit 8000S - 8200

One of the best selling and multi functional terminals released for the wireless market is The Nurit 8000. This credit card terminal is a powerful wireless mobile solution. The NURIT 8000 is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for on-the-go merchants. The advanced multi-application platform supports a wide range of payment processing and user functions.

Comstar CHARGE Anywhere® RIM 950

You can use devices other than the standard wireless credit card terminal.
The CHARGE Anywhere® pager/swiper is handy when a compact solution is being sought. Manufactured by RIM, the same company that manufactures Blackberry phones. Wireless services need to be activated, but once they are you have access to a variety of text message and pager functions. You also have a credit card swiper in a docked on configuration so cards can be swiped and read on-site. In addition, all Comstar accounts come with an online Virtual Terminal in case you need online access to a payment gateway. We began working with Comstar years ago in their early years. Great all around support from friendly people that believe in their products.


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