Meramak Bankcard Midwest Merchant Account Services

Telecharges / Dial Pay credit card processing


Merchant Equipment Option - telephone authorization


Telecharges is now Dial Pay - phone processing option

One of the least expensive merchant account options. Our touch tone processing has now been enhanced and upgraded. Designed for small businesses, trade shows, etc. Allows you to call in a credit card transaction using any phone. No equipment fees. It is recommended to get a carbon copy or imprint of the credit card at the same time that touch tone processing is being used. After signing up you will receive a welcome kit in the mail explaining the whole process as well as a training phone call to get you started.

Dial Pay Processing

$75 / account set-up

  • 2.39% MC/Visa Discount Rate
  • .75 cent transaction fee
  • $10 Statement fee
  • $25 monthly minimum*
    (unless you qualify)
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*Monthly minimum discount explained: If you do at least $1050 in sales each month, you meet the minimum and do not owe the minimum monthly discount fee. If you do less than $1050 your fee is pro-rated up to $25. If you have no sales, you owe $25. If you do $525 in sales, your fee would be about $12.46. Example: Rate is .0239 x $1050 = $25.09. Minimum met, nothing owed. Rate is .0239 x $525= $12.54   $25 - $12.54 = $12.46

If you want to have a merchant account setup for you, or you have any questions, call us at 1-888-336-4872, or fill out our pre-application and contact form online.