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Mobile phone credit card processing


Comstar CHARGE Anywhere® Smartphone Edition

With the CHARGE Anywhere® Smartphone Edition solution, you can easily and cost-effectively process secure, real-time mobile credit card transactions virtually anywhere using your Android, iPhone, or Blackberry device in a matter of seconds.


CHARGE Anywhere® Mobile Phone App
The latest in credit card processing technology, Comstar has developed a software app for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry mobile phones. This is how it works. You have to apply for a standard merchant account from us. When you are approved, we will give you a unique merchant ID number that identifies you on the processing networks. Next, we login with Comstar and issue you an active account. Then you can download the software app to your phone. To complete the setup, you enter the merchant number we gave you with other information into the app software. Within minutes your mobile phone will be ready to process credit cards anywhere you happen to be. If your phone can connect to a cell phone tower, you can make a sale.


comstar charge anywhere mobile phone credit card processing for Android, iPhone, Blackberry


Why buy credit card equipment if you have a smart phone? Use your existing phone. No need to carry around a phone and credit card terminal to make credit card sales. This software app is designed for Retail, Restaurant, QSR, Towing, Limo/Taxi, and Delivery businesses. CHARGE Anywhere® Smartphone Edition can be installed on most Android™ 1.5+, Apple® iOS®, BlackBerry® 4.1+, Windows Mobile® 5.0+ and J2ME™ devices. There is a Blue tooth card reader/printer device that Comstar also has for merchants that will be doing a lot of swiped person to person sales. This can lower processing rates by .8% simply being by being able to swipe a credit card instead of entering the number in manually. Or for a simpler solution, Comstar also has a small card reader that plugs into the audio jack on Android or Blackberry phones and another version plugs into the serial port on iPhone, and some iTouch devices.



If you want to have a merchant account setup for you, call us or fill out our pre-application and contact form online. 1-888-336-4872.