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Internet credit card processing using a virtual terminal


Internet Virtual Terminal Processing - virtual terminal internet processing


Internet Payment Processing for Internet Merchant Accounts

With our Internet processing you get two ways to process your credit card transactions. Virtual Terminal and Real Time Processing.

We have programs for experienced webmasters and programs for people with little or no experience. If you don't have a website, shopping cart or a merchant account, we can do all of that for you. You can design the look, or have it designed for you. Use site building components to make your store, input your products, and integrate it with your merchant account. Or you can choose to have it all done for you. For those businesses or webmasters that only need a merchant account and gateway, we have plans for you as well. From a simple Virtual Terminal from Comstar to Internet processing services, to Plug and Pay online solutions. The Virtual Terminal is handy for any merchant with who would rather connect to the Internet with an ordinary browser to submit their sales transactions. Follow a few instructions on the screen and the transaction is posted in real time. We issue and setup accounts for merchants wanting to sign up with merchant gateway solutions. does not issue merchant accounts. They require companies like ours to issue a merchant account then access their account setup services. Read more about services that are available here at farther down this page.

Processing Rates

Non Qualified (Unswiped)

  • 2.39% MC/Visa Rate
  • .30 cent transaction fee
  • $10 monthly statement fee
  • $25 monthly minimum*
    (unless you qualify)
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Virtual Terminal

Cost of Virtual Terminal

  • $75 Set-up
  • .10 cent transaction
  • $10 Internet gateway
  • Combine both columns for
    total Virtual Terminal cost
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*If you do at least $1050 in sales each month, you meet the minimum and do not owe this fee. If you do less than $1050 your fee is pro-rated up to $25. If you have no sales, you owe $25. If you do $525 in sales, your fee would be about $12.50.

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If you want to accept credit cards in real time on your web site:
Utilize the existing order form or shopping cart on your web site to process orders. Then link to it with the gateway (like to accept payments on your secure page.
All you have to do is enter one line of html code into your page. No software "wallet", "e-cash" or memberships needed as required by other services.
No need to change your hosting service, no software required, and you don't need to purchase an SSL enabled secure page, it's provided. Payment information is encrypted and secured through a link to the commerce server from your web pages, providing confidence to your customers to pay on-line. You'll automatically receive an email containing the payment confirmation when a transaction is approved. Internet Fraud Screening functionality helps minimize chargebacks and avoid fraudulent charges. You can look at past transaction history, issue credits and refunds, all right from your computer.

Internet processing requires a standard merchant account combined with an Internet Gateway.

If you want to have a merchant account setup for you, call us or fill out our pre-application and contact form online.


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