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Merchant Credit Card Terminal: Hypercom T7Plus

Available in a 19 or 35 key configuration, the T7Plus is a compact countertop POS terminal that processes transactions fast.



The T7Plus has a built in printer that is the easiest to load in the business. Paper rolls can be simply dropped in place without the trouble of trying to feed the end of the paper roll through slots and rollers. Paper rolls are also longer so they do not have to be changed as often. The see through plastic cover makes it easy to know when you are about to run out. The Hypercom T7Plus also supports bi-lingual displays. For instance, a Chinese cashier can read the screen as well as their English customers. Another great feature is the ability to have 20 different merchant ID's in one terminal. You can also connect other devices to the T7Plus such as check imagers, PIN Pads, and check readers using the extra peripheral port to add more payment choices.

T7plus 19 key model T7Plus 35 key model T7Plus paper loading

RAM: 512KB standard; 1MB optional
RAM backup: 5 year battery
Backlit: 2 lines x 20 characters (standard)
Backlit: 4 lines x 20 characters (optional)
Card Reader
Magnetic stripe: Tracks 1,2 standard
Tracks 1,2,3 optional
Chip card: Non-captive, ISO 7816
Elastomeric: 35 keys, water splash resistant
19 key, 3 soft key (optional)
Sureload clamshell design, drop-in loading thermal technology, 384 dots per line
Paper roll: 2.25" (standard) 3" (optional); 57mm x 80mm
Modem: 2400bps (standard) 56k (optional)
Pinpad port: Singular
Ethernet: Optional, without SSL
Power Requirements
AC: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
DC: 12V, 1 mA
Physical: Intrusion detection
Key Management: 12 master/session keys or 1 DUKPT; VISA PED approved


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