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Comstar RIM class 950 credit card terminal


BlackBerry® class RIM® 950 Wireless Handheld™

With the CHARGE Anywhere® wireless solution, you can easily and cost-effectively process secure, real-time mobile credit card transactions virtually anywhere* in a matter of seconds.


CHARGE Anywhere®
This device combines a compact handheld wireless magnetic card reader with the innovative Transaction Manager, a web-based database and reporting system, and other features such as e-mail to give businesses an economical yet robust comprehensive wireless solution to securely execute, authorize and manage credit card payments in real-time. CHARGE Anywhere® also can be integrated with your existing systems! And, if that's not enough, this wireless solution is fast and reliable, running on nationwide networks.
*Coverage provided in more than 93% of the urban business population.


comstar charge anywhere wireless rim blackberry handheld credit card terminal and pager


Strong and Wide Coverage Area – Process transactions at the places you need to be.
From conference rooms to taxis, airports to restaurants, CHARGE Anywhere® uses nationwide networks for reliable connections anywhere. Some structures or mountains may block the signal and prevent a swiped transaction from taking place. Actually, this device has Store and Forward so you can swipe a credit card, even if you don't have a signal, and the device will store the credit card numbers. When you get to a place where the signal is picked up again, you can transmit the credit card sale data, and it is sent as swiped transactions. This qualifies for a lower rate and saves money. The Comstar CHARGE Anywhere® uses certified software for real-time processing of all major credit cards and check authorizations.



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