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Meramak Bankcard in the Midwest is a merchant account service agent and part of S & T Enterprise Group, Inc. As agents for Meramak Bankcard, we issue merchant accounts for small and large businesses from coast to coast in the USA. has been the online portal for Meramak Bankcard for many years now. Started in 1998, our web site has been the destination for thousands of merchants looking for a reputable merchant account provider. We are not the largest merchant account provider out there. But we are large enough to offer competitive rates, free credit card equipment to businesses who qualify and merchant support unequaled in the industry.


Our offices are directed by Susan Miller and they have been since 1998. The majority of merchants who have signed up since 1998 are still with us. We believe that says a lot about our company, and about Susan Miller. If your business needs a merchant account, contact us. We do not try to sell you anything you do not want. We listen to your needs, offer suggestions, and tell you all the processing rates and fees up front so you can make an informed decision.


We know what merchants are looking for. The lowest rates. But merchants should also look for a company with fast personal service that will stand behind them when problems arise. You don't get that with the largest merchant account providers. With us, you do. When a problem comes up, simply call your Meramak account rep. They will try and fix whatever problem you have. Have a problem in the middle of the night or on the weekend? Call our 24 hour support team. Merchant processing usually runs trouble free. But all merchants will need assistance some day. When these things happen, you will be glad you chose Meramak Bankcard with the expertise to get it taken care of properly.


In 2005, we started working with HUD and the Reverse Auction Inspection Program as the government was switching over to purchasing cards. If you wanted to do business with the government, you had to accept their purchasing card. That required HUD inspectors to look for a merchant account to get paid. The HUD publication: Reverse Auction Program Business Rules recommended us for getting a merchant account. There were a few problems early on with how to pass Level II credit card processing data through that was required by HUD. But we worked with them, the inspectors and the processors to get it all running correctly. Now all government agencies are using purchasing cards that require Level II processing. So are some large corporations. Corporations are using corporate cards which are now charged at a different rate than normal retail or mail order cards.


As stated above, merchants want the lowest processing rates. Taking a credit card is not free. There are costs associated with merchant accounts. When choosing a merchant account provider, some business owners will always go with the least expensive company. Even if the difference is a just a few pennies. In today's economy, who can blame them. But we have been in the business long enough to know that the least expensive company is not always the best choice. The least expensive company usually turns out to cost more in the long run. That cheap rate could be erased through a costly equipment lease. Or, worse yet, your funds being put on hold. We have had businesses who want to transfer to us because the processing company they went with put a hold on their funding for three months or more. After three months of monitoring your activity, they start releasing your funds gradually as you do more business. This usually happens because of application errors. No one is guaranteed a merchant account. You have to apply for one. Underwriters look at merchant applications to evaluate risk including the type of business and what service or product it provides. On the application are questions about your average size sale, and your average monthly volume. Answer these wrong and you will run into problems very quickly after you have been approved for a merchant account. Going over the stated amounts can lead to your funding being put on hold as previously stated. We assist you in filling out our merchant application. The correct answers are important. We have been filling out applications since 1998 and we know exactly what processing underwriters are looking for when approving merchant accounts.


We are one of the few companies you will find that discloses every detail about merchant accounts up front. We know there are a lot of choices out there, but hope you will consider our company, Meramak Bankcard, to provide your merchant account services. We appreciate all of our merchants very much. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.